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International first-class technology, local manufacturing in China,

International first-class technology, local manufacturing in China, Jihong Gihon production base will pay attention to the details to the entire process of production, making each product become a work of art under the passion of modern industry, after pressing, heat treatment, grinding, ablation, With sandblasting, attachment installation and exquisite operation, Jihong Gihon delivers its own brand and philosophy to the world. Our company adopts world-class raw materials such as DuPont, Cardolite, Sumitomo, Teijin, Itochu, Showa Denko, Dutch Laplace, and British Morgan. It has passed the IATF16949 and ISO14001 quality certification, and fully meets the international standardization requirements. 

High-end ceramic H series

High-end stable A series: Formulated by domestic military enterprises with low density, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, as well as high-end imported materials, the friction coefficient is 0.34-0.38, which is mainly suitable for domestic and European and American cars; High-end ceramic H series: comfortable braking performance, quiet braking environment, friction coefficient 0.38-0.42, mainly suitable for Japanese, Korean and American cars;

HC Network

HC Network: The company has such a high-speed growth last year, then what is the coverage of our domestic and foreign product market? Can you introduce it? Zhou Laichun: We are doing relatively well in the northwest and southwest markets in China. Our company has always insisted on speaking with quality. Like mountain areas, and where road conditions are not good, the requirements for brake pads are relatively high. We have an advantage in terms of quality, so we are doing better in the northwest and southwest markets than in other places. In addition to the northwest and southwest, similar to the developed areas like the east, we also have continuous coverage, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as well as Guangdong and Fujian. Foreign markets are now mainly targeted at developed countries. Good quality requires good raw materials. Our company's key raw materials are mainly imported from large companies, so our cost is relatively high. So similar to Africa, we do not have many advantages in these underdeveloped countries in Southeast Asia. High-end markets such as North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea have relatively advantages. Now the development in the North American market is very strong.

Jihong is mainly doing ceramic brake pads. For the exhibition, is there any technical upgrade on the ceramic brake pads?

HC Network: Jihong is mainly doing ceramic brake pads. For the exhibition, is there any technical upgrade on the ceramic brake pads? Zhou Laichun: At the beginning of our establishment, we have had two products in the domestic market: one is a low metal formula and the other is a ceramic formula. The ceramic formula is mainly for ordinary cars, such as heavy cars, high-end cars, like the Audi Q5, BMW X5, SUV, etc. This piece is not very advantageous. However, in Japan, South Korea, Volkswagen and other ordinary cars, the use of feedback is very satisfactory. In response to this situation, in 15 years, the company has developed three more products. Among them, European ceramics are aimed at European and American heavy-duty SUVs, and the development is the high-end market. HC Network: In recent years, the market competition is very fierce. Does the company have the idea of ​​improving competitiveness and influence through the Internet? Zhou Laichun: We have considered this. At the beginning of the 15th year, we also made plans. Because now whether it is mobile Internet or PC-side influence is very large. We also look at this market and want to promote our brands and products through the Internet. HC Network: Now brand manufacturers, manufacturers are very focused on service, after-sales service is becoming more and more important, what kind of layout is Kehong serving?

An Audi A6L 2.0T, when the low-speed slow brake

Case: An Audi A6L 2.0T, when the low-speed slow brake, the left front wheel part emits metal friction sound, when the brakes are heavy, there is no such sound. Is this what is going on? Answer: Reflect the abnormal noise when the light is stepped, mainly the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pad will always be in slight contact with the brake disc, resulting in an increase in the friction temperature between the disc and the sheet, so that the material surface of the brake pad is carbonized. A hard substance that causes an abnormal sound when it is slightly rubbed.
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