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The low-speed light brakes on the brakes, but the heavy brakes do not ring. What is the problem?
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The low-speed light brakes on the brakes, but the heavy brakes do not ring. What is the problem?

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2019/01/29 16:31
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Cars running at low speeds, lightly braking on the brakes, and not stepping on the brakes, the reason is very complicated, not only will happen in the new car new film, but also in the old car, which will happen on the newly replaced brake pads. It also happens on brake pads that have been used for a while. There is no comprehensive and accurate answer to this phenomenon. Today we will talk about some practical cases. Whether it works well or not according to the condition of the disease, you can observe the test in practice.

Case: An Audi A6L 2.0T, when the low-speed slow brake, the left front wheel part emits metal friction sound, when the brakes are heavy, there is no such sound. Is this what is going on?
Answer: Reflect the abnormal noise when the light is stepped, mainly the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pad will always be in slight contact with the brake disc, resulting in an increase in the friction temperature between the disc and the sheet, so that the material surface of the brake pad is carbonized. A hard substance that causes an abnormal sound when it is slightly rubbed.
It is also very simple, that is, the brake pad can be taken down and sanded, and the carbonized material on the surface of the brake pad can be worn away. In addition, the original brake pads are made of carbon foam, copper foam and other materials. If the brakes are used in the auxiliary factory, the brakes may be abnormal due to the material being too hard and the discs not matching. There are many mileages of the vehicle, and it is possible that the edge of the brake disc will be “stepped”. This “step” and the brake pad will also have abnormal noise when rubbed.
Case: Land Rover lightly brakes the brakes.
Answer: It is the quality problem of the brake pads (such as too hard or uneven material).
Land Rover brake discs and brake pads are relatively large. If you do not touch the two sides (only part of them), the sound caused by vibration will be caused.
Before the parking brake disc/slice is hot, the cold car will start to sound when it starts, and there will be a slight physical change on the surface after the brake pad is cooled, so that the local contact makes a sound when the brake is not completely stepped on.
Regarding the problem of abnormal brakes on the brakes, a sharp squeaking sound is generated during braking. This type of sound is not a malfunction, and is mainly related to the material of the brake pads. It takes a few times to remove the brake pads and the abnormal noise will be eliminated. Some of them are to remove the brake pads and chamfer the brake pads, which will effectively reduce the abnormal noise generated during braking. This problem exists in all vehicles. This abnormal sound does not affect the normal use of the brake system, and you can not do any processing. Please feel free to use it.
Case: The new car, driving 2,000 kilometers, just when the car came back, it was found that when driving at low speed (10KM/H), the brakes were braked, the brake discs would make a loud noise, and the 4S shop asked the technicians that they said the new car In this way, it will be fine for a while.
Answer: The new car has a light brake on the brakes. It is usually caused by the friction between the hard surface of the brake pad and the brake disc. It has no adverse effect on the braking effect and can be used with confidence. If you are not at ease, you can go to the repair station for a regular check to see if the brake disc surface is abnormally worn.
After the new car has been on for a while, the brakes have the kind of noise. That is because the brake pads are new. The brake pads are still awkward. It will take a while. If you want to solve them immediately, find a place where no one is. It’s fine to brake a few feet. New brake pads will also have such a sound.
Case 4: Mercedes-Benz 160,000 kilometers, after replacing the front wheel hub bearing, the light brake on the brakes has an abnormal sound, and the sound is squeaky... The sound is continued, and the sound disappears.
Answer: Decompose the brake caliper, check the brake pads and accessories and clean it, then reinstall the brake assembly and the fault is eliminated.
Analysis reason: There is sand between the brake caliper and the brake pad, which affects the firm contact between the brake pad and the brake caliper, and produces a slight displacement of the brake pad, so abnormal noise is generated.
Case: The new BMW is more than 2,000 kilometers. When you start, you will ring when you don’t step on the gas pedal. The sound will be interrupted with the idling forward, but there is no sound when you brake the brakes. When you stop the brakes, the sound will become louder. The buzzing sounds until the car stops! After a few minutes of normal driving, the sound is gone!
Answer: 4S shop inspection is the deformation of the brake pads. Change the brake pads.
Analysis reason: It is caused by the high temperature carbonization of the surface of the sheet when the new car is opened.
Case: Q7 lightly brakes, the left front wheel will make a sound, the sound is hard to hear. The car, walking under the idling state, always makes a creaking sound, the speed is between 20/40 yards, when the brakes are lightly pressed, there will be a creaking sound, especially the rainy day will sound a little. When the brakes are lightly pressed between 80/120 yards, the steering wheel will be shaken. In the above two cases, if the brakes are stepped on, it is normal, there will be no sound, no shaking, it is the state of the semi-brake. The problem will only appear. In the case of normal driving, who dares to step on the brakes. The car behind that is not to be rear-end.
The 4S shop did 2 times. The first time I changed the brake pads, there was no sound, but after the same week, the same problem occurred. The second time I went, I changed the brake disc, the same as last time, one week. After that, the sound came out again. In the end, there was something wrong with it. The important explanation was not the problem of the brake disc and the brake pad, because it was not changed for one month.
Answer: Did you see a groove on the disc when replacing the brake disc? Is there a gap between the brake disc and the brake disc? This was also found on the previous X5. Changing the discs will not help. Later, the brake cylinder was replaced and the left front suspension was replaced to solve the problem. When the problem is solved, the owner hangs the arm when he says the next higher step.
Case: What is the sound of the brake pads when the brakes are lightly pressed?
Answer: There are two main reasons for this type of failure:
The surface of the brake pad is too hard; in combination with your car's condition and sound properties, if the surface of the brake pad wears too hard, this type of failure will occur, and the maintenance method can be eliminated by grinding the brake pad.
Brake pad alarm; combined with your car condition, if the brake pad wears out to the replacement range, the above-mentioned audible alarm will occur, reminding the brake pad that it is approaching the replacement cycle.